Atomic Clock Sync

Atomic Clock Sync 3.5

Atomic Clock Sync is a free utility for keeping our PC's clock synchronized

Atomic Clock Sync is a small and completely free utility, which is developed to help us keep our computer's system clock synchronized to the exact current time. We may find this application useful if for some reason we may encounter that our Windows system clock does not show the correct time; and we can synchronize it to an Internet timeserver, such as The user interface is very simple and easy to operate. It is divided into four tabbed windows: the first one displays the current settings in Windows: the current local time, the standard time zone name/date/bias, and the daylight time zone name/date/bias. If we want to change these settings we just need to click on the "Change" button. The second window will inform us about the synchronization interval by default, which we can adjust to our needs. Optionally, we can set to synchronize the clock at this exact moment. The third window lets us stop/start the synchronization service, register/unregister, and set to send a resynchronization command to our computer. Atomic Clock Sync runs under any of the following operating systems: Windows Vista, XP, 2003, and 2000.

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